What makes an idea truly great
is the awareness of being able to always and continuously improve

Dyva Italia was founded in Pordenone in 1991 and for over twenty years it has designed and produced steam generators with high quality performance and technology. A dynamic and continuously evolving company, Dyva Italia has grown over the years thanks to the capabilities and determination of a close-knit and winning Team that is inspired and believes in a set of principles on which the company philosophy was built, constantly moving forward with increasingly ambitious goals and tenaciously keeping its commitments.

High quality

The Dyva Italia project involves the best Italian and European companies capable of providing high quality with the use of advanced technology. This high quality concept was made by each supplier, operating according to a determined certification procedure. A highly qualified staff with suitable technical skills manages, in detail, the individual steps underlying the establishment of pre-assembled groups, accurately and carefully tested on technical specifications resulting from the constant monitoring of the quality indices, which are measured weekly.

With weekly briefings, the Technical Staff addresses the needs and suggestions gathered from the Dyva Italia Environmental Consultants in order to continuously monitor the needs and expectations of the families who adopt the Birba System.
New solutions, practical arrangements, technological innovations, constructional and development modifications, materials and components of the latest generation are evaluated and discussed. Prolonged and intensive live tests have certified the most high performing and reliable solutions that have led to recognition by the competent international authorities of 15 patents that guarantee a truly unique product.

The "Biancaneve" Project marked the beginning of a new phase for Dyva Italia in 1994

In 1994 an ambitious idea was born: to design, develop and produce an exceptional steam generator, unique for the cleaning and sanitisation of domestic environments and professional spaces; a generator that would somehow result in a quantum shift in the world of steam, becoming the sole and undisputed point reference.
This Project was named "Biancaneve" and was put to work.

The best design and industrial development firms on the market were involved, and technicians and professionals had to solve problems of Physics, Applied Thermodynamics and Electronics. Tests and inspections were carried out at most advanced and accredited research laboratories, including that of the Department of Mechanical and Technological Innovation at the University of Padua.

Much progress has been made since then, thousands of hours of operational laboratory tests and particularly stressful live tests have been carried out, various work teams have given their support, and thousands of customers have adopted the Birba System, which over the years has seen the succession of various more advanced, practical and efficient models. Two constants have remained unchanged over time: Quality and Professionalism.

And when an ambitious project takes the form of a product as Birba, it becomes a fantastic project because Birba is a symbol of the pride of people who work and strive with perseverance and determination, knowing that they have created the best steam generator on the market but with the goal of making Birba better tomorrow than it is today.

The present product is Birba Evolution, Made in Italy technology and design

Birba Evolution represents the current stage of the Dyva Italia's evolutionary path of technological innovation, made up of ​​careful studies on components and materials, design developed through dedicated software and significant investments in the most advanced electronics. Electronics are one of the strengths of Birba Evolution, the intelligent component that manages the production, quality and distribution of steam and simultaneously controls all internal and external processes, facilitating its use through voice assistance function.

Thanks to the new Made in Italy design and its attractive look, Birba Evolution is truly a piece of furniture, always ready for use.

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